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Features and Functions:

Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent is complex of multi-functional cell wall and aluminosilicate:

Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent can absorb a variety of mycotoxins, aflatoxin, zearalenone, T-2 toxin, vomiting toxins and so on. Its adsorption rate of aflatoxin B1 is up to 98%;  zearalenone is more than 90% .

Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent products contain a large number of functional yeast cell wall . A large number of hydroxyls in the yeast cell wall, through hydrogen bonding and van der Waals force, makes the Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent and many toxins form polysaccharide – toxin complexes. Mycotoxin Absorbent prevents the absorption of toxins by the intestine; the spatial structure of the Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent makes it specifically bind to zearalenone, and form a close combination through van der Waals forces.

Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent contains montmorillonite, in flaky and needle-like structures, and has a huge surface space and has strong and effective absorption of aflatoxin.

Fubon Mycotoxin Absorbent is manufactured with natural yeast cell wall as raw material and through enzymatic, physical, chemical and other processing. It is safe and without side effects.

Physical Characteristics:

Color                                               light yellow to brown

Odor                                             special yeast odor

Impurity                                                  without foreigh substances

Appearance                                                powder

Technical Specifications

MOS  %     ≥14

Toxin absorption rate (Aflatoxin B1),% ≥98

Crude protein, (%) ≤35

Aerobic bacteria count , Cfu ≤2.0 ×10 (6)

Salmonella                                             Negative

Arsenic (As), mg / kg ≤2.0

Lead (Pb), mg / kg ≤5.0

Cadmium (Cd), mg / kg ≤2.0


Prevention dosage (light pollution) :0.5-1.0 kg/t (complete feed)

Moderate and severe pollution: 1.0-2.0 kg / t (complete feed)

Packing:  25KG in Kraft paper bags.

Storage and Shelf Life: Please store in a cool and dry place; the shelf life is 24 months.

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